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Do you need a publication but do not know who to contact as you do not have any experience in this field?

Are you not sure which technology is optimal for which types of publications to get the best price/quality ratio?

Or do you already have some experience with this type of work but were not satisfied with the outcome because the press accused the graphic artist with using unsuitable material and the graphic artist blamed the press?

Trust WellCom with preparing your publications: we monitor the entire planning and execution process and thus guarantee the required quality - we do not try to avoid responsibility. With several decades of experience we are able to select the printing and binding techniques that are best suited to the parameters of your publications and we guarantee that you will receive a publication of high quality.


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Madarat tolláról, céget arculatáról?

Miért fontos egy cég arculata?
Legfőképpen azért, mert egy érdeklődő gyakran előbb „találkozik” a vállalkozás arculatával, mint valamelyik képviselőjével.

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About typography

The word typography is of Greek origin. It is derived from the words τυπος (typos) "type" and γραφω (graphein) "to write". The art of typography was born when block letters first appeared. It is the technique of forming the printed version of written communication.

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