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The history of WellCom Studio has gone alongside with the developments of printing technology and IT graphics since the foundation of the company in 1992. Taking into consideration that the aforementioned industries have developed much more in the last 30 years than in the preceding period of over five centuries since Gutenberg, the company has evidently enjoyed busy years.

Even the foundation of the company was induced by a technological change of industrial significance because we wanted to prove that it is possible to produce molds for printing products by using the DTP platform gaining ground at that time (i.e. by means of personal computers with the aid of the suitable software) in the same quality as with the application of the more expensive, closed printing systems that were widely used in those days. The economic environment should also be mentioned: Hungary was experiencing a total political and economic transition and a company employing a few employees, coupling professionalism and high quality with flexibility, enthusiasm and customer-friendly attitude could easily find work in the increasing demand market. We managed to achieve breakthrough through the contract concluded with the popular weekly paper of the period entitled Reform because it was the first nationally distributed weekly paper in Hungary to commission a small enterprise with the entire prepress process. The successful completion of the task has proved a good reference, giving way to cooperation with book and magazine publishers as well as advertising agencies. The growth was also reflected in the number of employees and the increase in working hours: by the millennium, we had worked with a staff of 16 in three shifts.


In the years following the turn of the century, a new wave of technological revolution swept across the world: the quantum leap of digital photography has virtually eliminated the need for professional scanners, and the use of CTP (Computer to Plate) technology in producing printing molds has significantly reduced the importance of imagesetters: the new platesetters output the necessary data to printing plates directly, without using the film carriers. As a result, this work process has been transferred from studios to printing houses. Though in the first decade of its history our studio provided mostly traditional prepress services, the narrowed opportunities in this direction urged us to move towards creative fields: through our printing partnerships built over the years, we started to provide complete service to our customers - as the saying goes: from the idea to the finished print product. The importance of our direct customer relationships also increased during this period: in addition to intermediaries (publishers and agencies), we are working with more and more partner companies ordering the various publications for themselves.

Meanwhile, the online opportunities have shown a dramatic development from month to month: the speed of data transfer has multiplied, webpages and other web applications serving a variety of business considerations have spread and mobile communication has not been only about phoning for a long time. Moreover, a new device of great importance has appeared that can completely transform the market of desktop publishing and visualisation.

With the emergence of iPad and its tablet relatives, it was high time also for the WellCom Studio to embark on a new improvement: let's conquer the internet! We have mobilised significant forces to be able to create the digital equivalent (webpages, e-books, digital magazines) of what we can produce on paper with the same high quality and the same standard. So we now have a complete online-offline service pack to serve the needs of our customers who would like to appear in public with any type of publication and find it important to have uniform and high-quality publications - whether they are published on paper or through virtual channels.

However, the world of internet goes beyond mere appearance: in addition to helping our customers with showing their best face online, by providing them marketing consultancy and text writing (text management) we also assist them to do so in the most efficient way!

You can browse the works we have prepared under References, but here we also list some of our partners of the past years so that you can see clearly that in addition to multinational publishers and large corporations, small and medium enterprises can also be found among our clients. For example:

WellCom studio, which has already come of age, has gained professional experience ensuring maximum protection for our customers not only in Hungary but also abroad! We have always placed great emphasis on the technical equipment and the up-to-date knowledge of our employees as well as the high standard, fast and flexible service provided to our customers. We hope to welcome you among our partners soon!

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About typography

The word typography is of Greek origin. It is derived from the words τυπος (typos) "type" and γραφω (graphein) "to write". The art of typography was born when block letters first appeared. It is the technique of forming the printed version of written communication.

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