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For professional printing

Are you a graphic artist who would like to produce a publication with professional pictures with the same colour separation, but the quality of the photos provided varies significantly? Is there something that has to be removed from the photo by retouching? Is there a model, or an object that has to be masked out of the background? Do you have to make a composition by using several photos? Then this is the place to visit!

For private purposes

Have the photos you took on your child’s birthday, on the wedding anniversary of your parents, on your tour in Brasil, or at any unrepeatable event turned out not to be too good? Were the lights bad, did the flash glint in the eyes, are the colours flat?

Let the professionals do their job: they will make the best out of your pictures.

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Madarat tolláról, céget arculatáról?

Miért fontos egy cég arculata?
Legfőképpen azért, mert egy érdeklődő gyakran előbb „találkozik” a vállalkozás arculatával, mint valamelyik képviselőjével.

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About typography

The word typography is of Greek origin. It is derived from the words τυπος (typos) "type" and γραφω (graphein) "to write". The art of typography was born when block letters first appeared. It is the technique of forming the printed version of written communication.

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