The logo makes the company

Visual appearance is a very important factor for starting and running a business. New clients and customers looking for professional services usually see the profile of the unknown company on a website, in a catalogue, in an advertisement or on a business card. It is therefore important to make a good impression on them, as this first encounter is decisive. 

The most important part of a good visual appearance is a memorable logo, which needs to meet several criteria. First of all, its color and shape should match the profile of the business, it needs to catch the attention and be freshly unique. Additionally, the appearance of other printed materials and online interfaces of the company should be in line with the design of the logo. Colors and shapes always need to be in harmony. 

This unified visual appearance makes your business stand out as stable, mature and constantly reliable, and a consistent appearance suggests internal order. 

All companies aim to attract new clients in addition to the existing ones, as this development ensures constant progress. Managers of small businesses often think that creating a professional identity is extremely expensive. While this is just a myth, it often prevents businesses from further development, or make them realize the opportunity too late. It is indeed possible to build a good startup identity on a low budget. The basic components of a good image are a well-designed, marketable logo, stationery and a simple static website. Creating these branding items is inexpensive: a starting investment of as little as 100,000 HUF is sufficient. This relatively small cost can be recovered many times, and part of this profit should be reinvested in the further development of these branding items, as well as creating branding templates or branding guidelines. The continuous success of large enterprises and well-known brands is based on a unified image in their advertisements, as well as a consistent and future-proof identity. A well-designed logo—as one of the core elements of a business—can accompany a successful company for decades.

If we accept that visual identity is a means of communication, it is also evident that communicating the same message with a less effective identity results in weaker business performance. Our professionals, who share decades of experience among them, will help your business create an appropriate visual appearance on the market matching those of the biggest enterprises. 

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